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    Oc: Lilith

    Name: Lilith

    Age: Appears 16-17

    Gender: M to F

    Orientation: Pansexual

    Blood Type: AB

    Likes: Animals, Earl Grey Tea, Lavender, The Moon

    Dislikes: Angels, licorice, selfish people

    Love interest: Unknown


    Lilith is a witch from England. Once a fearsome demon warlord, she was punished for her sins by an angel and forced to live life as a teenage girl. She has since changed her ways and now makes potions and tea for the local townspeople while taking in stray animals. Fizz, short for Fitzgerald, was her most loyal knight in the demon army, and stayed by her side in cat form when she was turned into a human. He has since lost his powers, but occasionally can return to his demon form when stressed.. and he is also an expert mouser.

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