How J-Fashion saved my life

Hey there! I'm Gennie (fawnbomb). If you're new to my site, welcome! 

Peachiie shop is the result of almost 10 years of work, creating and growing my own brand of art, apparel and accessories.

At around 16 years old, my parents were going through a difficult divorce when i was in high school. I was severely depressed, withdrew from all my friends and frequently fell ill. I was once hospitalized for self harm. During this time I changed schools and met a girl who introduced me to a japanese metal band called Dir en grey. They made heavy, angry music with...


Hello, thank you for your interest in promoting Peachiie Shop. 

Due to the high volume of messages we get regarding requests for free merchandise, we have decided to close the ambassador program and expand our affiliate program.

We do not send free merchandise to new influencers that we have never worked with.

Our affiliate program is FREE to sign up to.

You earn 15% commission when your followers use your custom code.

They will also receive 15% off anything over $10. 

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