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    Meadowleaf Ita Jacket

    $100.00 $115.00
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    This jacket will return March 2022 

    This cottagecore themed Ita Jacket has a chestnut brown base, forest green sleeves and tan/brown trim.

    • Hand illustrated sleeves with large mushroom designs
    • Pockets
    • Large leaf-shaped PVC pocket for featuring your favourite merchandise
    • Custom plaid printed front PVC pocket
    • Ribbed trim
    • Stretchy material
    • Soft fleece interior

    'I love Ita bags and I wanted to make something that could feature pins and accessories that wasn't a backpack/traditional Ita bag, and something that would protect my pins in case they fell off.

    Hands free design allows you to safely display your pin/merch collection and go for a quick stroll without having to bring a bag with you, or even double up with a messenger bag/tote style Ita Bag! Its great for conventions when you want to be casual, cute, and of course-- comfy! <3'

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