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    Neon Dreams Ita Jacket

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    The Neon Dreams Ita Jacket is black with purple sleeves, and pink/teal accents.

    • Screen printed shoulder design
    • Embroidered chest design reads 'dreaming'
    • Large PVC pocket for featuring your favourite merchandise
    • Ribbed trim
    • Stretchy material
    • Soft fleece interior

    All Ita jackets are made with standard unisex USA sizing. Please choose your usual size.

    'I love Ita bags and I wanted to make something that could feature pins and accessories that wasn't a backpack/traditional Ita bag, and something that would protect my pins in case they fell off.

    Hands free design allows you to safely display your pin/merch collection and go for a quick stroll without having to bring a bag with you, or even double up with a messenger bag/tote style Ita Bag! Its great for conventions when you want to be casual, cute, and of course-- comfy! <3'

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Worth the wait

    It took much longer to arrive than i expected, but when my jacket came it was everything i had hoped for. I would definitely reccomend paying the little bit extra for an insert, too. Usually for ita bags i make my own inserts, but the peachiie shop ita jacket inserts are higher quality than mine and improve comfort somewhat as well. If you're just going to use can badge type pins then its no big deal, but if you want to use fancier and heavier pins like the enamel ones with post backs , or you plan on switching pins frequently, then buying at least one insert is definitely worth the money.
    Its very true to the pictures in color and pattern. Sometimes when you buy things online with embroidered details like the Japanese writing on the front of this, the quality is not as good as you expect, but honestly the embroidery on both of my iita jackets is slightly better than the official shop closeup if you ask me.
    Its warm but not a heavy jacket.

    mallory grizzell
    Very minor critique

    The jacket is perfect and very high quality and worth every penny. I only wish it came with an insert for the window compartment.

    Cassidy Krokosz
    The Absolute Cutest!

    The Neon Dreams jacket is adorable, and it fits perfectly. It made the perfect gift for a special someone!💗

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