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    About Us

    Peachiie shop is a small business run by a single artist (@fawnbomb) that sells cute merch and street fashion featuring original characters.


    Gen Ishihara


    fawnbomb (Gennie/Gen) is a young artist and entrepreneur residing in Vancouver, Canada. She runs Peachiie Shop full time and is also working as an actor in the local film scene. Her work is heavily inspired by harajuku fashion, k-pop and anime. 


    @fawnbomb, @xiyuue and @lovelylor at the Peachiie Shop booth at Fanexpo Canada

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    We ship out our orders as fast as possible and use the fastest shipping lines available to make sure you get your products as fast as possible!

    Quality Gauranteed

    We make quality products for our raving fans! We are small independently run business dedicated to making quality merch and street fashion for our fans.